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Reconnect with your life

  • Support you through your losses, your grief and your relational conflicts
  • Listen to you in one-on-one sessions, workshops and conferences
  • Help you discover your own tools
  • Support you in your transformation process
Neus Valencia Terapeuta - Reconecta con tu vida

From self-confidence
From hope
From love

Integrating body, soul and mind to align senses, emotions and thoughts

When loss wrecks your joy for life…

The feeling of loss can stem from multiple experiences in life and leave us trapped in discomfort, anxiety and anguish.
Neus Valencia - Acompañamiento en la pérdida. Divorcio, duelo

After a separation or a divorce we experience a loss, which can also happen when a friendship ends, when we have an empty nest, when we lose our job, when we have an accident or a disease takes away a part of our body, when our loyal pet passes on.

Even as time goes by we can feel that the young person we once were and the dreams we had, have vanished.

When grief hurts…

Loss, absence and abandonment draw a new reality, and accepting it and adapting to it takes time that can be very stressful emotionally: the process of grief.
Terapia del duelo, pérdida y abandono

In this society motivated by the “having” and distanced from the “being”, it is not easy to talk about it or about what makes us suffer. Because grieving hurts. And sometimes, instead of feeling heard and understood, many people go though it feeling guilty, in distress and lost.

It IS possible to live your losses with inner peace…

I am Neus Valencia, Integrative Relational Therapist

I will help you understand the whys of your pain, integrate it, normalize it and transform it to suffer less, and to integrate your loss with peace.

Next to you. With you. Respecting your words, your mourning and your silence. Perceiving your sensations. Searching for new resources and regaining the forgotten ones. Projecting little light beams. Helping you accept what we cannot change and changing that which can be improved.


I counsel you because you deserve to restore your self-confidence and reconnect with your life.

My methodology

  • I understand the whole human experience as an integration of by the mental, emotional and somatic structures.
  • I believe in the need of a good evaluation to approach diagnosis and to achieve the goal.
  • I use techniques from my different training models and useful resources from my own personal learnings.

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye”

Antoine Saint-Exupéry