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Counselling in loss and grief processes

Do you feel emotionally unstable?
You cannot overcome a separation?
Are you going through deep grief?
Have you lost your job and your energy?
Do you feel an emptiness and just want to cry?

I can help you reconnect with your life

Terapia para reconectar con tu vida

One-on-one Sessions

We are unique beings and as are our vital life stages. You deserve a comprehensive personalized form of support that covers the present needs of your body, your emotions and your mind.
sesiones individuales de acompañamiento personalizado en perdidas y duelo

“The therapy I have started is my cane, because it helps me to walk and sustains me. In these sessions I have learned to understand myself, to unlearn, to give myself permission to cry, to laugh, to be sad, to allow myself to feel what I need at each moment. Neus supports me, asks questions that help me, shows me another view and makes me reflect.”


We are relational beings and sharing experiences with people in similar circumstances can have a balsamic effect. You will feel respected, understood, safe and stronger to carry the anchor that keeps you immobilized and at the mercy of discomfort.
Talleres de grupo sobre procesos de pérdida y duelo

“For the Akademia de Sant Boi, that the facilitators who participate in the different themes speak and express themselves from experience, reflection and from a continuous and active personal process. This is the look that we value from Neus when we want to talk to the group of young people about accompaniment in losses and mourning.”


What is loss and bereavement, what is grief, why does your body and your mind react as they do… Learning about it will help you come to terms with your natural essence, it will turn down the internal noise and it will bring you a sense of calm.
neus valencia charlas colectivas acompañamiento perdidas y duelo

"Her talk about grief has been very constructive and enriching. She displayed the subject very clearly, emphasizing on some very specific, simple and useful guidelines. It’s been a very interesting talk."

My mission:
To support you

I am Neus Valencia, Integrative Relational Therapist

  • Help you identify the process you are currently going through
  • Provide you with tools that ease the transit without the suffering
  • Guide you in the self-discovery journey that will rebuild your inner peace
Neus Valencia - Terapeuta - Mi misión es acompañarte

My methodology

  • I understand the whole human experience as an integration of by the mental, emotional and somatic structures.
  • I believe in the need of a good evaluation to approach diagnosis and to achieve the goal.
  • I use techniques from my different training models and useful resources from my own personal learnings.

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye”

Antoine Saint-Exupéry